Utility Rebate Programs Recognize HI Pump Rating System

By Chad Edmondson

In our last blog we introduced the new HI Energy Rating System for clean water pumps. The HI Rating System not only helps engineers pick a more efficient pump, it also makes it easy for utilities to develop incentives that rewards owners for using HI Rated equipment.  Several US utilities are already onboard.   

For example, this year Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) issued an incentive program to stimulate sales of pumps that meet the ECS standard.  PG&E will pay participating pump distributors for their sales of these higher efficiency to pumps to eligible PG&E commercial electric account customers.

The requirements of the program, which will no doubt be adopted by other utilities throughout the country are as follows:

  • Pumps selected must be for clean water systems

  • Qualifying rotodynamic pump classes include:

- End Suction Frame Mount

- End Suction Close Coupled

- In-line

- Radially Split multi-stage vertical in-line diffuser casing

- Vertical Turbine Submersible

  • Installation address must have a commercial electric account with PG&E

The following chart outlines the efficiency parameters and available rebates of the PG&E program: